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young man with a gun fired a bullet at the head of a congresswoman in tucson, arizona, killing six people around her. and today, in the wake of that massacre in newtown, connecticut, gabby giffords and her husband, former space shuttle commander mark kelly, came forward to announce they are ready to take action, saying, in two years, quote, congress has done something quite extraordinary, namely, nothing at all. tonight, the two of them speak out. an exclusive interview with abc. saying, if not now, when? it was two years ago that a vibrant, passionate congresswoman met her constituents in a grocery store parking lot. in just 45 seconds, a young man with a semiautomatic shot 19 people, six dead. including a 9-year-old little girl. in the two years since, it's estimated more than 57,000 adults and 5,000 children have died from a gun in the united states. including the 20 children in
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newtown, connecticut, killed by a weapon that fired six bullets a second. last week, giffords and kelly went to try to console the families. >> the first couple that we speak to, dad took out his cell phone and showed us a picture of his daughter and i just about lost it. you know, how do we get to the point where 85% of the children in the world that are killed with guns are killed in the united states? that is a sobering statistic. 85%. >> so, that's what changed for you. >> yes. >> you told me before, when i said, are you angry? you said no. it's life. do you still feel that way? >> no. >> do you get angry sometimes? >> yes, yes. complicated. >> they say it is now time for action, common sense change, led by gun owners, too. you have a gun. >> yes, glock.
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>> you still have a glock? >> yes. >> gabby and i are both gun o own owners. we are strong supporters of the second amendment. >> so, it is the common sense consensus you are going for? >> we are. and i think most gun owners are in the same camp with us. >> so, their group is called americans for responsible solutions, and it will become a political action committee to spur congress on questions of mental health, high capacity gun magazines and background checks on purchases of guns. >> i bought a gun at walmart recently and i went through a background check. why can't we just make it more difficult for criminals and the mentally ill to get guns? >> the nra will say, they can get them illegally. >> i don't agree with that. the gun lobby even opposes a gun purchaser being checked against the terrorist watch list. i mean, doesn't that seem like a common sense thing to do? >> but they made these arguments, the only thing that stopped the bad guy is a good guy with a gun. if there had been somebody with
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a gun there in that parking lot with jared loughner -- >> there was. there was somebody with a gun, other than jared loughner. >> he says there was a man nearby who had a gun in his pocket. but almost accidentally shot the hero. >> nearly shot the man who took down jared loughner, by a good guy with a gun. >> and two years after jared loughner opened fire, it is still a kind of miracle that congresswoman giffords survived. a bullet had torn a tunnel through her brain. >> yeah, that's it. that's a thumb. >> we saw her incredible spirit, her indestructible will and the recovery, moving so fast, doctors were amazed at the pace. today, she says she is still making gains, but every one is hard-fought. it's been a long two years? >> oh -- so slowly.
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so slowly. >> tell me the happiest part of your lives these days. >> family. >> and the hardest part? >> every day, i don't like it all. i don't like it all. i'm sad. light, awful. >> she is trying to say because of her injury, she has trouble seeing on the right side. she only has peripheral vision on her left. but in the room with her, there is no doubt she understands quickly. which she says makes it more frustrating when she doesn't have the words to answer. what's the next mountain you want to climb? >> it's the very quick back and forth that -- that's a struggle, right? >> yes, struggle. >> because it's still, you think it, you can't say it. >> i can't. >> but if anyone can will herself up a mountain, it's gabby giffords. today, she has a service dog
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named nelson to retrieve things, steady her. but she will not give up trying. goes to therapy every day. >> physical therapy, yoga, um -- speech therapy. >> your right toe started moving a little bit recently. >> yes, toe. >> that's been positive. you're walking faster. and if i tug you along, you can go even faster. >> but even if it's hard for her to walk. >> okay. let's go. >> they say she will be walking the halls, taking her case to the capitol, so, if any members of congress decide to do nothing, they have to say it to her. when it can happen to children in a classroom, it's time to say -- >> enough. >> former congresswoman gabby giffords and mark kelly. i want to bring in abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl, who bring us up to date on white house action. where does it stand, jon? >> reporter: let me first say,
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the white house welcomes what gabby giffords is doing here. they welcome it all. the vice president is launching this effort to bring together a program on gun violence and i am told now that the national rifle association will be part of the meetings held this week at the white house with vice president biden. that's a big deal, diane. we have never seen the nra at the white house, the obama white house. >> and how soon could we see something actually take place? >> reporter: well, they are saying that they will have recommendations from the vice president within three or four weeks, maybe even earlier. and, diane, they may act, well before congress gets around. the president can act by executive order on some things, including what you heard mark kelly talking about, the issue of background checks and streamlining those background checks. not going as far as he wants to go, but improving the process. >> all right, jon karl in new york, and thank you so much for bringing us up to date. and now, we turn to aurora, colorado, and that other american town marked by a mass shooting, that time, in a movie theater. today, we learned the stunning story behind these pictures we saw at the time. law enforcement entering the booby trapped apartment of the alleged gunman, james holmes.
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fbi agents have testified today that holmes had homemade napalm inside his apartment. remote-controlled triggers hidden in a garbage can outside. the trap was meant to injure police officers as holmes fired his guns in the movie theater five miles away. and now we turn to other big news today. it is official. 2012 was the hottest year in the united states since weather scientists started keeping records. and hotter, not by a little, but by a landslide. tonight, abc's dan harris tells us about this new report and the red flags of warning about extreme heat all across the globe. >> oh, man. this is the last you'll see of your shed. >> reporter: the pictures coming out of australia tonight are apocalyptic. flames devouring homes, huge black and brown blossoms of smoke. a lone kangaroo hopping through a charred moonscape. firefighters contending with the worst possible conditions. >> these swirling, vicious
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winds, the soaring temperatures. >> incredible winds are making it that much tougher for firefighters on the front lines. >> reporter: it's so hot, the government had to change its forecast maps, adding new shades of purple for temperatures possibly hitting 130 degrees. scenes like this are becoming more common. look at this nasa imagery showing the entire planet has gotten hotter in recent decades. here in america, 2012 was not only the warmest year on record, but also the second-most extreme, featuring tornadoes, wildfires, a massive drought and, of course, superstorm sandy. the house was there -- >> right. >> reporter: and the water pushed it all the way over here. many cities had record warmth, including washington, d.c., where a lack of action on man-made climate change is likely to mean 2012 is just a glimpse into an unpleasant future, according to many scientists. so, we shouldn't expect this is the last record? >> this is by no means the last record.
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i mean, you really got to think of climate change as something that increases our risk for being unlucky. so, we need to prepare up front, as we move into, you know, this warmer, hotter, more extreme world. >> reporter: so, how do we prepare? her advice, take stock of where you live and protect your home by doing things like becoming more energy efficient, getting a generator, possibly, buying flood insurance, maybe, and possibly even raising up your water heater if it's in the basement. diane? >> and i know you are going to be speaking with an american family going through their house to address just that. >> reporter: fascinating. >> thank you so much, dan. that's in coming days. and now, new trouble tonight for the plane that's being called the future of air travel. the boeing dreamliner. this was the scene on the runway in boston yesterday. firefighters boarding an empty dreamliner after a fire. and today, in boston, again, on a dreamliner, 40 gallons of fuel spilling onto the runway. 178 passengers were on board. and now, what's being called a slap in the face for american
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taxpayers. is it really possible that the insurance goliath aig may sue the u.s. government, less than five years after taxpayers saved the insurance company from bankruptcy? abc's david muir is here with the story. >> reporter: this is really something, diane. in fact, as one economist put it today, if aig sues the government now after that giant taxpayer bailout, it would be the equivalent of a patient suing their doctor for saving their life. insurance giant aig, bailed out by the american taxpayer, just days ago launching this brand new marketing campaign, with three simple words. >> thank you america. >> thank you america. >> thank you america. >> reporter: but now, after thanking america, it turns out aig might sue it. how do you say thank you america and then turn around and consider suing america? >> that's the fascinating thing. they just launched this ad campaign, all about thanking americans for their help, for the bailout and now they are considering suing. >> reporter: it was a little more than four years ago, the worst economic crash since the
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depression and american taxpayers came to the rescue. $182 billion for aig. the insurance giant had bet on mortgage securities. bets that went terribly wrong. fed chairman ben bernanke later calling the bets unconscionable. fast forward and now the company just finished paying back american taxpayers. and in those new ads, proud of it. >> we've repaid every dollar america lent us. >> everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion -- >> for the american people. >> reporter: but as those ads play on tv, aig is now deciding whether to sue the federal government. the claim? that the terms of the bailout, that taxpayer rescue, actually hurt shareholders. in part, arguing the interest charge on that government rescue money was too high. tonight, the new york fed telling us, "there's no merit to this suit," saying, "back then, aig's board of directors had an alternative choice to borrowing from the federal reserve and that choice was bankruptcy." had there not be taxpayer help,
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had there not been a bailout, what would the shareholders have now anyway? >> they would have very little, possibly zero. >> reporter: a $25 billion lawsuit has already been filed by aig's former ceo, hank greenburg. aig issues a statement tonight, saying under law, they must consider the suit. it is their obligation, in their words, to determine what's in the best interest of the company. i did ask to interview some of those aig employees, saying thank you america, diane, the company today declining our request. >> i bet that company gets an earful. thank you so much, david. and still ahead right here on "world news," how many calories do you think are in this meal? can you trust what it says on the menu? we take these dinners to the lab, next. we know all your investments may not be with fidelity, but we can still help you see your big picture. with the fidelity guided portfolio summary, you choose which accounts to track
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learn where to find your number at [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ] as you may know, a change is afoot at restaurants in america. a federal law is expected to take affect by the middle of this year, forcing chain restaurants to post the number of calories in the food you order. some restaurants, as you probably know, have already begun, but we wondered, are they accurate? abc's senior national correspondent jim avila went to the lab. >> reporter: they are supposed to help america's obesity problem. calorie counts boldly displayed on restaurant menus. >> that's kind of important to have that visibility in what you're eating. >> reporter: but a study by
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tufts university, sampling food from 42 restaurants, found wide discrepancies. especially at sitdown restaurants and, surprisingly, most often on the diet side of the menu. >> these are the foods that people who are trying to manage their weight would gravitate towards and may be getting more calories than they expect. >> reporter: a just-completed abc news sampling found that more than half of the low-cal meals we tested had more calories than listed on the menu. we brought a nationally known lab 24 food samples from four sitdown restaurants and one mcdonald's. surprisingly, the big mac had 30 calories fewer than advertised on the menu. here, too, it was the sitdown restaurants that had sometimes wildly different calorie counts than advertised. 11 meals had more calories than on the menu and 10 had fewer. and only one was on the money.
5:47 pm
some were over by only a few calories, but cheesecake factory's fish and chips packed 420 calories more than the menu count in one sample. olive garden's low calorie seafood brodetto was over its calorie count by 180. and one sample of the chili's margarita grilled chicken tested at 120 calories more than advertised. >> it may not sound like a lot, but if someone were to consume 100 calories extra per day for a year, they could gain up to ten pounds. >> reporter: all the restaurants and their trade association say that most calorie counts are as accurate as possible and tested extensively to make sure. but they concede there are variations. mostly due to portion size and individual restaurant preparation. the menus warn that actual calories may vary. so, what you see here may be very different than what is actually on the plate. jim avila, abc news, washington. and coming up here, millions of us watched the big football game last night, so, why is everybody today talking about her?
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>> the former miss alabama ignited admirers who were watching. 140,000 twitter followers. her quarterback boyfriend tweeted out a message, "better keep dreaming." and late today, our sister network espn apologized, saying they thought the commentary went too far. and looking for a career move? the queen is hiring. the royal family's put out a help wanted ad for a, quote, general catering assistant/washup. in other words, dishwasher. $19,000 a year. you must be punctual, they say, reliable, a team player, flexible and willing to travel with the royal family between buckingham palace and the royal homes across the uk. working downstairs, your place in downton abbey. and he is back, rock legend david bowie, who celebrated his 66th birthday today, with a surprise gift to his fans. listen. ♪ as long as there's fire
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smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? an and finally, tonight, the discovery channel will look at the secret lives of mysterious and rare animals, particularly one species, the black rhino, thought to be one of the most solitary creatures on earth. but a special new camera is about to reveal what we never knew was happening by the light of the moon. abc's sharyn alfonsi has a sneak peek. >> reporter: it is a peek into a secret world we've never seen. giraffes in a knockout battle for domination.
5:56 pm
and then, the black rhino, a notoriously solitary animal. or so we thought. watch as rhinos secretly gather at a waterhole at night. a mother emerging with her calf. their vision is poor, but their sense of smell is sharp. they greet each other with surprising gentleness. >> nobody knew about it because you can't see it. >> reporter: mike gunton produced the new africa series for discovery. he says there have been legends of such secret gatherings, but until now, no one's ever been able to film it. >> the only way you could do it is by using a special camera which we developed to see just under the star light. >> reporter: but there was more. microphones hidden under rocks revealed a secret language of black rhinos, too. no one knows for sure, but it's believed this is a friendly sound. and overture from the normally cagey rhino. animals that have been around for millions of years, still able to surprise us. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> and can we return just one
5:57 pm
more time and take another look at how the black rhino says hello at night? there it is. and we thank you for watching. we're always working to bring you the latest at you can see more of my interview with congresswoman giffords and her husband mark kelly tonight on "nightline." now, remember, "nightline" begins at a new time tonight, it is 12:35 a.m. eastern time. and we'll see you right back here again tomorrow night. until then, good night. , getting a look at the tanker that rammed inside of area off limits in the following? quit harassing me. i'm trying to go to work. >> here is what happened when dan noyes went digging into that crash today. he did come away with new information. >> also a san francisco recycling facility gets
5:58 pm
recycled itself tonight. what happened to people who tried to stop it. >> and the plan to bring a tough stop and frisk policy to oakland from new york. it's just been declared unconstitutional. >> here is the overseas rig in the bay. an accident classifieds a major incident by the coast guard. good evening, everyone. >> abc 7 news has several new developments in the crash investigation to report to you tonight. the national transportation safety board has joined the investigation, the coast guard is now calling this a major marine casualty because there has been more than half a million dollars in damage. >> the i team learned more about the man at the helm of the ship yesterday. guy cheif. >> again, tonight we have live coverage, wayne freedman is in the field dan noyes here with us in the studio. leanne, let's start with you
5:59 pm
and an up to date report on the investigation. >> the person who will represent the national transportation safety board is barry. i just found out mr. strouch arrived here late this afternoon. and he will be on board that ship tomorrow morning. these are the first close up pictures of the damaged section of the oil tanker. investigators took the video while examining the integrity of the vessel. the video of the base of the bridge, struck by the tanker, gives us a sea level view of the damage. sky 7 shows investigators on board the overseas ramymar, investigating the crushed hull. a crew boat praitd by marine express out of alameda transported state and federal officials along with people hired by the shipping company to help in the investigation. >> we continue to run

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